Disposable face mask - Three layer filtration

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General information about face masks

Disposable face masks are popularly worn by the general public and professionals. It reduces spreading airborne diseases to others, which could be transmitted through the air.

The primary purpose of a face mask is to provide protection for the wearer.

In some countries are common to wear these face masks during flu season, in some places due to rising issues of smog or when air quality deteriorates to toxic a level.
Disposable 3 ply face masks create a physical barrier between nose and mouth and reduce pathogen.

Also, surgical face masks are everyday used by healthcare professionals and doctors who work in a special industry like hospitals.

Three layer disposable face masks are made of meltblown polymer placed between 2 non-woven fabric. Melt-blow material works as a filter and stops microbes from exiting or entering the face mask.

Disposable 3 ply face masks are secured to the head with elastic strap, head ties or ear loops and also with adjustable nose clip.

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Disposable 3 ply face mask DISPOSABLE 3 LAYERS FACE MASK x 500


Disposable face mask with elastic strap and nose clip.
Our face mask made of 3 ply non woven fabric to protect wearer from atmospheric contaminants, dust, dirt, seasonal allergens, ash and smoke.

The outer ply is made by light-weight non-woven fabric to resist dust and ashes.

The middle ply of the face cover is made of a meltdown material to stop virus and particulate substances.

The inner layer of face mask made by dam proof and skin-friendly material.

Thanks to its ergonomic design it fits perfectly on the face.


Rectangular shape with filtering function and three layer of protection

Easy to breathe through and lightweight

It has soft ear loops to reduce pressure from ears

One size fits all (17.5*9.5 cm) with non iron built-in nose clip

Disposable, for one time use

Disposable face masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand cleaning with water and soap or alcohol based hand sanitizer.

Please wear face mask responsibly to achieve the best result. This face cover does not qualify as a personal protective equipment or a medical device.

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